Hello From Our Team -


Thank you for choosing Urban Trail Bicycles as your electric bike retailer.  We are a family operated business and along with our global team, we have been working in and around the bicycle manufacturing industry since 2011.  We have worked and continue to work with manufacturers around the globe to develop new technologies that make for a better cycling experience.  That experience has gone into the design and manufacturing of our line of electric bicycles.  Quality, safety, and satisfaction are the core values of our company and we want to represent that with every one of our products and interactions with you, our customers!  


Urban Trail Bicycles works directly with the manufacturer of our bikes and I have enjoyed a relationship with their company since 2011. We pass along the comments we receive from our customers directly to the designers so that they can improve the products we sell to you.  


We are grateful for the opportunity to be your destination for electric bikes and it is our goal to make every transaction as convenient and satisfying as possible so that we can earn a customer for life!  Urban Trail Bicycles is always available to answer your questions, hear your comments, and provide support.  You can reach me directly by email at pat@urbantrailbicycles.com.  Thank you again for your business and we look forward to helping you master the trails or cruise around town for many years!


Best Regards,


Pat Riley - Owner of Urban Trail Bicycles



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